Choice Creates

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The Foundation

The Foundation

On this four day class you will establish the foundation for creation of different reallity for you and remove the limitations you are functioning from.

Consciousness includes everything and judges nothing, goes beyond polarity of this reallity where we allways look for what is right and what is wrong, into allowance, gratitude, choice, possibillity, contribution and asking what else is really possible?

On The Foundation class you will start to recognize the points of view that limmits you and what you can change that will allow you to function from the space of consciousness where you are not only effect of this reallity, but creator of your reallity.

We will share a variety of tools including some body processes(laying on of hands) which can change anything that is not functioning for you.

If you could choose anything, what would that be?

Prerequisite: Access BARS®

Facilitator: TOMISLAV ČIŽMEŠIJA, dr. med., CF, CFMW, Maestro

This class is using new and even more efficient processes and tools that will go deeper and will provide even more change in shorter time frame.

Access is continously evolving, expanding and up to date with energies and processes that people are asking for NOW!

If you already attended The Foundation class - you didn't! What is availible for You now, that was never availible before!